Globalist parties form electoral alliance -- several criminal politicians run for office

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Attila Mesterházy, Gordon Bajnai and Ferenc Gyurcsany hammered out a deal on Tuesday that might lead to running joint candidates in the spring general election. The three former young communists also invited liberal party leader Gábor Fodor -- a political non-entity -- to join the coalition.

In the coalition agreement, the corrupt politicians agreed that they launch a last ditch attempt to turn back the wheel of history before changes of the past four years become irreversible.

Among others, they want to re-write the constitution, roll back social changes introduced in the past four years --like child support for young mothers. They also want to raise overhead expenses for households.

At the top of the globalist parties' agenda is the promotion of parasitic lifestyle among minorities by stepping up positive discrimination in inter-ethnic relations. While in power, they already successfully promoted gypsy crime; their newest idea is the guaranteed minimum income to everyone. (A basic income is given to people without an obligation to work. It is also given regardless of wealth and income. There are no preconditions. Every human being is entitled to a basic income by right of birth.)

Jobbik's reaction to the agreement was swift. "The political corpses of the past are trying to mount a come back" said Jobbik MP István Apáti at Tuesday's press conference in Budapest.

The Fidesz government is to be blamed for this situation; none of these criminals have been brought to justice in the past four years, despite the fact that the governing party had all the means to hold them accountable for their crimes of selling the country out said Apáti.

According to Apáti, it is likely that the Fidesz party intentionally allowed to the failed politicians to remain active so that it can easily win the next general election, but this policy might backfire.

The globalists criminal network is incapable of renewal; the architects of the alliance are the same characters that dominated the socialist-liberal coalition in the 1990s that brought the country dangerously close to bankruptcy.

If Jobbik comes to power it will bring both the socialist and Fidesz politicians to justice said Jobbik MP István Apáti.

Using entertainment as a means of morally corrupting society is also part of the globalist parties' agenda.



Anonymous said...

This should be called, b/c that's what really is:
"The Jewish Alliance". (Against the Hungarians/Magyars and FOR the Gypsies - but the Gypsies only as long as they are useful tools for the Jews/Judeobolsheviks)

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