Gyurcsany calls for culture war – Kulturkampf – against Christianity and patriotism

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Self-confessed globalist agent Ferenc Gyurcsany called for a culture war on Christianity and the conservative worldview at his party gathering on Wednesday. Christian values are contrary to liberal and leftist ideals (the deceptive term 'leftist' stands for globalist) said Gyurcsany.

The public television as it is today must be closed down and its culture conveying function should be redefined because today, public television is no longer a globalist station. (Here, I'm translating Gyurcsany's highly deceptive language into plain language).

The public television must focus exclusively on reality shows, soap operas, sexually explicit content, the promotion of homosexuality, pedophilia and bestiality.

Liberal arts and contemporary cultural activities (meaning, pornography, homosexuality, pedophilia and related activities) must be made part of everyday life. Posterity will decide what artistic achievements will stand the test of time (meaning don't worry about the filth that gushing forth from the shitstream media twenty-four hours a day, take the lethal poison and think later).

In power, Gyurcsany would demolish the "German Occupation Monument" (not even unveiled) because it violates liberal sensitivities. Gyurcsany would roll back the clock by eliminating all the accomplishments of the past four years; he would remove all the Rovas city signs set up in the past couple of years. (The Rovas script especially annoys parasitic entities, because they consider it as a visible sign that the native population they want to enslave can hang on to. This doesn't go well with the emissaries of Satan as they claim that the native population have no culture, every value known to be Hungarian is borrowed from them, which entitles them to claim ownership of the land and look at themselves as the legitimate rulers of the masses. This is why they attack the ancient Hungarian writing system so ferociously on all fronts.)

However, they are gracious enough to allow those that value Christianity to practice their ancient lore, but only in designated areas similar to American Indian reserves; the goal is to engage the native population in self-destructive activities like drug use and alcoholism so that they may commit cultural suicide on a mass scale like the Eskimos of North America.



Anonymous said...

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