Hungarian judo might lose one of its best: World championship silver medalist Anett Mészáros wants to quit judo

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Two-time World Championship silver medalist and European champion judoka Anett Mészáros (26) wants to quit judo and continue her career in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). For the time being she stopped training in judo and preparing for her new career in MMA by training with her husband.

"It is true that I stopped training in judo, but I'm not saying I'll never do judo again. I do not deny that what happened at the Olympics had an impact on me; it is not easy to deal with failure. After London, many people have turned away from me ... I got tired of this situation, and I feel I need something new. And this is MMA. For now, I train with my husband because he plays this sport, but I have bigger plans. I'd like to compete in major international tournaments. Most of the action in MMA take place abroad; if I could compete in international tournaments, I'm sure I'll shine again."

The Hungarian Judo Association, however wants to convince her to change her mind.

"Anette is one of the greatest assets of Hungarian judo. I know her since she has been a child, and I can tell you that she is one of my favorite athletes as well. The fact that judo has become a priority sport in Hungary training conditions will improve a lot in the future. If Anett could bring the same results she did before the London Olympics, she could win big prize money. I think she could earn around HUF one million per month. She also has to consider that in Judo athletes take care with each other, making sure not to cause injury to one other, in MMA this is not the case" said Hungarian Judo Association president, László Tóth.

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