Hungarian Olympic Committee received terrorist threat

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

According to Secretary-General Bence Szabó, the Hungarian Olympic Committee has received a terrorist threat in an e-mail written in English and Russian. The threatening email calling on the Hungarian Olympic Committee better not to participate in the Olympics.

The Hungarian Olympic Committee has notified the International Olympic Committee, and the Hungarian Counter Terrorism Agency about the threat.

(Notes: Forces that are trying to reshape the world (destroy Syria, Iran and so on) are frustrated with the Russian refusal to cooperate. The threat may be linked to these forces, as they decided to punish Russia by all available means including crippling the Sochi Winter Games. Most probably, the terrorist threat that was also sent to other national Olympic committees around the world is part of a fear-mongering campaign.)

“I am very pleased to inform everyone that both the IOC [International Olympic Committee] and the Sochi organizing committee...declared after the analysis of the letter that this threat is not real,” Zsigmond Nagy, director of international relations at the Hungarian Olympic Committee, stated, adding that the letter in question had threatened Hungarian nationals, competitors, and officials.

Nagy added that the person responsible for issuing the threats was in fact stationed outside of Russia and had carried out similar hoaxes in the past. The identity of the person was not revealed.

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