Jobbik has been invited to the Russian National Forum held in St. Petersburg on March 15

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Collage: Oroszország Hangja

Organizers expect 400 to 600 participants to attend the event, which include nationalist politicians from Russia and around the world; among others, representatives of the Jobbik party, the Austrian Freedom Party and Golden Dawn of Greece have been invited.

One of the main goals of the forum is to work out a framework of cooperation among Russian nationalist forces and international organizations that share common values and ready to join forces in the fight against globalism.

Jobbik is a long time advocate of Hungarian - Russian strategic alliance and also of cooperation among international organizations opposing the globalist world order; the globalists aim to eliminate cultural diversity under the catchphrase of tolerance, and create ethnic and religious divides while promoting social delinquencies around the world.

Nationalist forces are advocating cultural diversity. Every culture is unique. In order to improve the living conditions of mankind we have to support cultural diversity around the world. Cultural homogeneity is like inbreeding, ultimately degrades the human species including those that hoping to benefit from it.

(Oroszország Hangja -


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