Jobbik MP Gábor Staudt visits New York City on January 30

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Dr Staudt Gábor
a Jobbik országgyűlési képviselője
előadást tart az Árpádhall-ban
323 East 82 Street, Manhattan
2014 január 30-án este 7:00 órakor

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Anonymous said...

He sure picked it...
Somebody should tell him, that New York's other name is: Jew York.
He'll be heckled, hassled, possibly even beaten-up by "law enforcement" or other thugs.
I guarantee - with absolute certainty - that his ordeal will begin in the airport (Kennedy), in immigration. It's a given.
I believe there is a real possibility, that he'll never get out of the airport but put on a plane back to Europe.

If they want to be nastier, they'll let him in, beat him up - for good measure - sometime while he's there, and when he is about to leave, they'll put him on the "no fly list" (currently about 94 000 names), so he'll have to travel via bus, other ground conveyance to Mexico City or Canada (Montreal/Toronto) to fly back - at a huge cost - of course.

The Tribe control of the US now is steel tight and rock solid; in realty, the US is now a colony - but not of England...

Anonymous said...

Interesting English Jobbik interview and geo-political analysis.

The Truth About Hungary’s Pro-Palestinian Party Jobbik: An Interview With Márton Gyöngyösi (English)

Mask of Zion Report Jan 31, 2014

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