Operative staff will be set up to deal with potentially unfavorable developments in Ukraine

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced that due to the deteriorating situation in Ukraine he instructed Interior Minister Sándor Pintér to set up an operative staff and make preparations for possible unfavorable developments in the neighboring country.

The situation in Ukraine is quickly deteriorating; today, Ukraine's President Viktor F. Yanukovych went on sick leave. He takes time off due to a respiratory illness and high temperature. There is no indication of how long he will be absent.

The neighboring country is in turmoil especially, the big cities. Western powers fully supporting the anti-government protests; prominent western politicians regularly visiting the country encouraging anti-government demonstrations. The goal is to set up a puppet government in Ukraine controlled by forces running the EU, NATO and other globalist organizations.

The ultimate goal is to encircle Russia before it can emerge as a major force that might lead the charge against worldwide globalization efforts by occult forces.



Géza said...

you are right about this "western game" played in the Ukraine!

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