Picture of the day: Satanic-looking Lenin before his death

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Lenin AFP/RIA Novosti

Syphilis and other abhorrent diseases morphed the face of this mass murderer before his meeting with Satan.

“These 'dwellers on the threshold' are what ... the whole human race, ... must come in contact with...Many of them are detached objective minds...This rebellious objective mind is so strong that it may continue to occupy its physical body for several years after the separation, and goes through the remainder of that life the semblance of a human being, but devoid of moral character. When it excarnates and its body is destroyed, it may or may not be strong enough to reincarnate. If it does, then it will be of an intellectual animal nature, with no conception of morality or spirituality. In case it is not strong enough to reincarnate, it becomes a 'dweller upon the threshold,'...It becomes one of the many unpleasant forces or entities which we have to come in contact with when we reach the psychic realm...These are the persons whom we are pleased to designate as degenerates and perverts, also many of our most hardened criminals. Such entities seem to be maliciously wicked, and persistently destroy and pull down everyone with whom they associate. These are they who excarnate and go to the first plane of the subjective world and become the dwellers upon the threshold...Every soul that excarnates, if it is not able to pass into the planes beyond, by reason of its undevelopment and strong animal nature, must remain there, and become a dweller on the threshold also...” by Richard Ingalese, THE HISTORY AND POWER OF MIND



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