Picture of the day: This is how BBC lies about Gábor Vona's London visit

Monday, January 27, 2014

You can read BBC spiteful report on Vona's London visit HERE!

Orthodox Jewish Rabbis that demonstrated in London in support of Jobbik President Gabor Vona also issued a protest against the BBC manipulation of the news.

They write on Facebook: Members of Neturei Karta were demonstrating against the strident and aggressive actions of the Zionists against Jobbick and Mr. Vona, The Rabbis of NK were carrying a banner with a clear message: ”Authentic Jewry is Against Zionist Aggression”.

The BBC ignored the banner and totally distorting our message. They stated that the Rabbis were there to demonstrate against Mr. Vona and Jobbick. That is totally false.

I have lodged a complaint with the BBC and await the outcome.

Following is the BBC link

and here is the factual photo

BBC removed the photo of Orthodox Jews supporting Jobbik President Gábor Vona from its website on January 28 without apologizing for the fraudulent content.



Anonymous said...

The BBC is a Globalist propaganda machine with low credibility. Checkout and their channel. They have been hot-on-the-heels of the BBC lying machine including the BBC cover-up of the Jimmy Saville pedophilia scandal.

The Banksters and Globalists are becoming desperate as their machinations are exposed.

BD news said...

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