Since 2011, 550,000 applicants have received Hungarian citizenship

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ministerial Commissioner Tamás Wetzel responsible for simplified naturalization said so far 559,720 applicants have applied for Hungarian citizenship of which 250 thousand also requested name changes (meaning reclaimed their names that were forcibly taken away from them after the violent assimilation attempts by the new states annexed them after the Trianon dictate).

The number of applicants applied for Hungarian citizenship in 2013 grew by 12 percent comparing to 2012, which indicates that interest in dual citizenship continues.

Simplified naturalization proceedings progressing well despite the fear-mongering campaign launched by the treasonous opposition.

(Notes: The liberal-Bolshevik opposition is vehemently opposing the simplified naturalization law; recently, disinfo agents started disseminating false rumors about the alleged abuses of the system by foreigners. They suggested that foreigners get married to Hungarian citizens en mass to obtain Hungarian citizenship. Investigators found that the abuse of the system is negligible; liberals blew some of the rare cases out of proportions in order to attack the system.)

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