Sympathy demonstration at the Spanish embassy in Budapest in support of the new Spanish anti-abortion legislation

Monday, January 20, 2014

Hungarian anti-abortion organizations staged a sympathy demonstration at the Spanish embassy in support of the bill introduced by a group of Spanish nationalist legislators calling for the ban of abortion. Dr. Imre Téglásy the President of the Alfa Association in his speech expressed support for the pro-life bill, which aimed to tighten the abortion law in Spain.

One hundred years ago humanity started a war on motherhood; the culture of life was replaced with the culture of death said Téglásy. He emphasized that the first country in the world that legalized abortion was the Soviet Union under Lenin's murderous regime.

The letter that was handed over to Spanish embassy staff has been read by Edit Téglásy the mother of six children. In the letter participants expressed their gratitude to the Spanish legislators for having set an example for the whole of Europe. The signatories of the letter expressed their hope that Europe soon will be filled with children laughter and the continent once again become a delightful place to live enliven by the beautiful smiles of mothers.

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