The 2013 State of the Nation address by Jobbik President Gábor Vona

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Over two thousand invited guests including foreign diplomats attended Jobbik President Gábor Vona's traditional state of the nation address at Sportmax Center in Buda.

Here are some of the highlights

There are people who are willing to make sacrifices for their country and then, there are those that instead prefer watching television.

It was enough of the past two decades of stagnation, we have to win the spring general election; not because we want power, but because we want to build a better country.

After the collapse of communism people expected improvements in their own lives, instead, they had to face wide-spread looting by the successive governments.

After joining the European Union the country was de-industrialized and our agriculture was ruined.

Vona called the European Union “Satan's dessert”; the EU wants only our market, and enslave our labor force.

In the past 6-8 years, close to half a million people left the country to find work abroad, which is the second greatest tragedy in the history of the nation after Trianon.

The socialists and the Fidesz are jointly responsible for the creation of the economic climate that forced so many people to find employment abroad. These migrants are Jobbik supporters, they know who are responsible for this state of affairs.

Vona revealed that as part of the general election campaign Jobbik will launch an European election campaign; prominent Jobbik politicians will hit the road and campaign in London and other European cities where large number of Hungarians settled down.

Jobbik will launch a series of demonstrations in February in support of those that suckered into fraudulent mortgage schemes and are about to lose their homes.

Gábor Vona criticized the land protection legislation that doesn't provide enough protection against foreign buyers. If the government won't change the law there will be a revolution -- Jobbik is the only party that voted against the land law legislation.

About the socialist party Vona said: “Let us finally realize that the socialist party will change only if the old nomenclature dies out”. The Socialist Party has governed the country for 12 years and left behind nothing but ruin.

The Fidesz only imitates to help the population but in fact, it puts all the burden of servicing the national debt on the shoulders of ordinary people.

Regarding Jobbik's foreign policy Vona said Hungary should make efforts to develop a North-South economic space rather than supporting the Euro-Atlanticism. Hungary should forge strong alliances with the Eurasian countries including Russia, Turkey and Germany.

Vona recalled that the Jobbik party has always supported the enlargement of the Paks power plant; but he regretted that the deal PM Orbán recently negotiated in Moscow has become an election issue. PM Viktor Orbán made ​​a strategic error by concluding the deal with the Russians in the election campaign, and also that he has not previously held a consultation on the issue with the other parties.

If Jobbik comes to power it will reinstate the death penalty, chemical castration and creates a Gendarmerie force.

Regarding Gypsy-Hungarian coexistence Vona remarked that before we start searching for solutions we have to spell out the nature of the problem in terms of Gypsy-Hungarian relations. You must first tell the truth then, you can solve the problems said Vona. There never will be a law in Hungary that discriminates among people on the basis of their ethnic or religious backgrounds - Jobbik is at the forefront of the fight for equality among all people. "Decent Roma people will be much better off under a Jobbik led government. Not because they are Roma, but because they are decent," said Vona.

Vona called the cultural unification of Hungarians one of the main goals of his policy, but this can't be accomplished by "brushing problems under the carpet" because then problems proliferate.

For me the Jobbik party is not a goal, but it's a tool; a tool that helps the unification of Hungarians said Vona.

Regarding the upcoming general election Vona said "Sooner or later Jobbik will govern the country, the sooner is the better" -- it is not the Jobbik party, but the situation, which is radical today said Vona.

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