The attempt to steal the ancient Hungarian Rovas script has been prevented

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

In recent years, rogue forces specialized in falsification of history launched a disguised attempt to steal the ancient Hungarian Rovas scrip by linking it to the dead language of the Khazars.

They tried to perpetrate the fraud under the disguise of making the Rovas script available for computers under international standards.

The fraud attempt outraged Hungarians across the board and groups and organizations from all walks of life joined forces to stop the fraud attempt.

The Hungarian World Congress unanimously rejected the proposition of the scammers in August 2012.

Soon after, other organizations joined the protest movement; these included the World Federation of Hungarians, the Hun Fokos Association, and more than fifty other groups.

The widespread protest against the spurious experiment produced result as the idea to link the Rovas to the Khazar script has been dropped.

(Magyarok Világszövetsége –


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