The globalist alliance perpetrated yet another election fraud in Nagykáta municipal by-election

Monday, January 20, 2014

The globalist alliance remained true to its predecessors, Bela Kun, Matyas Rakosi and other Bolshevik criminals by perpetrating yet another election fraud in Nagykáta municipal by-election. But even then the globalist candidate finished third. The by-election has been won by independent candidate Pál Gyüre.

The vice-President of Jobbik Pest county wing Ferenc Gábor Csanádi filed a complaint against globalist candidate György Kántor with the local election committee and a criminal complaint with police.

The globalist candidate perpetrated the election fraud by arranging mass transportation of voters (he probably bribed them) to the polling station, which is against the law. Observers found that the car used for transporting voters to the polling station belonged to globalist candidate György Kántor.

The Jobbik politician confirmed that they have evidences including eyewitnesses to back the claim. It is shocking, that after the November 24 election fraud by the globalists they once again tried to influence the outcome of the vote by illegal means.

(Notes: Keep in mind that the Nagykáta municipal by-election was a minor event, yet the scammers tried everything to manipulate the outcome of the vote. Imagine then, what these people will do in the high-stakes general election in April. This crime network made up by master fraudsters backed by expert con artists specialized stealing general elections; they constantly inventing advanced techniques to influence the outcome of the vote. Everybody has to be on guard in the spring general election to prevent this gang from perpetrating yet another election fraud, which seems to be their goal as their chances to win in a fair election are minimal.)

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