Globalist opposition -- Bajnai, Gyurcsany, Mesterházy -- forms pre-election coalition

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Socialist party chief Attila Mesterházy and American puppet Gordon Bajnai (Bajnai is financed by Washington based Center for American Progress action fund. Bajnai admitted of receiving HUF 110 million from the fund last year) have announced that a pre-election coalition agreement has been reached between the two parties. According to the agreement, the socialist party will nominate a candidate later on that will run against PM Viktor Orbán in the spring general election that will be held most likely in early April.

They also announced that representatives of the two parties start negotiations with the Democratic Coalition, a political formation that most people simply call the “Gyurcsany” party led by former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany who single-handedly sold the country out to global predators while serving as a two-term prime minister in the past decade bringing the country close to bankruptcy.

Jobbik reacted to the agreement by saying that the Mesterházy–Bajnai–Gyurcsány crime network once again agreed on a failing formula that already ruined their winning chances in the general election in 2010.

The pre-election coalition agreement is a proof that Bajnai and Mesterházy weren't sincere when dissociated themselves from “Gyurcsany” after the “Öszöd” lie speech, they only imitated outrage; therefore, this coalition is the coalition of liars. The new era they foresee for the country hasn't even arrived in their own ranks.

After this agreement, luckily, there will be a clear choice for Hungarians: either they vote for the globalists that already ruined the country in the past twenty years or they give a chance to a new political formation, like the Jobbik party that will implement real changes that can replace the current government of Viktor Orbán without bringing Gyurcsány back to power writes Jobbik communication director Dóra Dúró.

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Anonymous said...

Orban Victor is financed by the globalists also, don't be that naive.

Anonymous said...

It's Tribe money they're getting. Yah, that ritually mutilated crowd...
Don't you forget that for a moment.

Géza said...

well Reding of the EU commision was clear about the coming EU elections, yes a call for a federal Europe. I didn't hear Orbán or any other government official complain about her (the EU commision) statement. This is what our Hungarian election are about, or there will be no sovereign Hungary anymore after 2014!

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