The public prosecutor once again extends investigation against Bolshevik criminal Bela Biszku

Friday, January 10, 2014

The public prosecutor's office once again extended investigation against Bolshevik criminal Béla Biszku until February 28 writes Magyar Hirlap. (An increasing number of people think that Hungarian authorities are intimidated by behind the scene forces that are protecting the former interior minister; therefore, they keep extending investigations against him hoping that during the proceedings he might die and won't have to stand trial on crimes against humanity charges).

Biszku as a minister of interior was responsible for the reprisals following the 1956 revolution. He was charged with war crimes and other criminal offenses in last October. Apparently, Biszku is also under investigation for instigation to commit crimes against humanity, unlawful detention, high treason and other criminal offenses. (It is possible that the prosecution made up these charges in order to use them as a pretext of delaying court proceedings against Biszku.)

Metropolitan Public Prosecutor's Office spokeswoman Bettina Bagoly indicated that investigators still haven't questioned the suspect, so the investigation has been ongoing against an unknown perpetrator (which is an indication that indeed authorities are delaying the criminal charges against Biszku under the pretext of still investigating the case. This can go on and on until he dies because he is already 93 years old).

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