Ukrainian protesters meet early morning on Independence Square

Thursday, January 30, 2014


Anonymous said...

Sadly, the Ukrainian people are pawns in the Globalist agenda for global domination. Most people just want to get on with their lives and live in peace with their families...

Transcarpathia under Threat of Imminent Invasion

According to Romanian media reports, Bucharest will have to guarantee security for Romanians in Bukovina and Odessa. If the situation in Ukraine gets worse, it will have to deploy troops in the areas of their residence. The Transcarpathian Hungarians also raise the issue of their security. It is reported that Budapest keeps the option of bringing troops into the Transcarpathian region (Zakarpatie) on the table. Euromaidan...

Ukraine is a Neo-Con Testing Ground for Russia

Make no mistake about it, Ukraine’s troubles, engineered from outside of the country by the usual troika of the European Union «securocrats» who are beholden to the interests of the United States and NATO, George Soros-funded and U.S. non-governmental organization-trained street and social media provocateurs, and the Central Intelligence Agency and its diplomat-spies, is a template for what the West has planned for Russia…But elections that go against the interests of the EU, NATO, the European central bankers, and the Soros provocateurs on the payroll of the CIA are never tolerated for long...Prime Ministers Viktor Orban of Hungary, Bohuslav Sobotka of the Czech Republic, and Robert Fico of Slovakia were much more measured in calling for a peaceful resolution to Ukraine’s problems.

Orban, sensing continued violence in Ukraine could spill over its borders, called for the interior ministers of the Visegrad Four to meet soon. Orban said, «We are neighbors... and we need to be prepared for difficult situations. That is why the interior ministers should meet and align their moves»...

“United by Hatred”: Manuel Ochsenreiter interviews Alexander Dugin on the Ukraine Crisis Alexander Dugin

IMF Sponsored “Democracy” in The Ukraine

Ukraine: Foreign Engineered Regime Change Operation

Washington Drives the World Toward War By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

...Germany alone could save the world from war while simultaneously serving its own interests. All Germany has to do is to exit the EU and NATO. The alliance would collapse, and its fall would terminate Washington’s hegemonic ambition...

As Ukrainian Regime Totters, Oligarchs Call for Talks with Right-wing Opposition

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