Bosnia violence orchestrated by same choreographers as Kiev protests - expert

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bosnia is bracing for more violence as anti-government sentiment is building in the country. Following Thursday’s protests that left over 130 people injured Bosnia, which has the highest unemployment rate in the Balkans, is expecting more demonstrations on Friday. Police reported about 2,000 people took part in the anti-government demonstrations in Tuzla, whereas the opposition said the number of protesters reached 7,000. Amid the unrest federations’ Prime Minister Nermin Niksic held an emergency meeting with regional security ministers and prosecutors. The Prime Minister condemned the violence in the country and urged people to stop using the situation to create more chaos. Stefan Karganovic, head of Srebrenica Historical Project, shared his insight on the issue with the VoR.

Stephen Karganovic asked the Voice of Russia to share the image below with its readers. This picture appeared today on a site in Bosnia that supports the disorders that are taking place. The street scene is similar with what is going on in Kiev and the fist emblem that was the symbol of Otpor in Serbia in 2000, noted Karganovic. He underlined that one can see the finger prints of the same choreographers from Belgrade, to Tbilisi, Kiev, now again Kiev, and simultaneously in Bosnia.

Bosnia has the highest unemployment rate in the Balkans. Why?

Essentially the color revolution that I have been expecting here in Bosnia for over a year has finally started but the fundamental point that needs to be stressed is that contrary to what many people expected that this is not going to be a regime change only in the Republic Srpska, it is sipping up as a country-wide putsch that will included both the Muslim Croat Federation and the Republic of Srpska. That is a very important point because it implies that western intelligent services and their governments of course want to have a clean slate in the entire country to use mounting social dissatisfaction, for which there are many reasons, no doubt, to provoke general chaos and to use that chaos, the illusions for a better life their propaganda agencies would generate in the minds of the people, to install a new team of puppets not just at the entity but also at the central level.

The basic goal of course remains – to get rid of president Dodik, and his independent policies in the republic of Srpska, and to bring the power to Banja Luka team of collaborators who will cooperate in the absorption of the Serbian autonomy into centralistic Bosnian structures. But further goals however are to bring Bosnia as a whole into NATO and to integrate it completely within Western European Atlantic structures and now a protectorate of some autonomy here and there is to be transformed to a completely dominated colony. So, the protestors in Bosnia like those in Kiev are motivated by illusion that their actions will result in a vaguely better life. However, that will not happen, if it is left to western installed puppets to do the job. As we saw in Ukraine, only Russia now can step up to the plate and make a large economic contribution to improve their lives, but EU has made it clear that they will not have the resources to contribute to the reconstruction of Ukraine, although they of course have the small change with which to buy the services of the writers, and the same applies to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Do you think that these people who are in the streets are just Bosnian citizens, or is it orchestrated by some other third party?

It goes without saying that it is orchestrated but most of the protesters are genuine Bosnian citizens.

Who was pulling the strings?

Ultimately it is those who are implementing the color revolution as outlined by Gene Sharp and his group that we have seen happen over and over again, first in Belgrade, then in Georgia, and then in Kiev in 2004, now again in Kiev, and at the same time it has started up in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is all exactly the same playbook and if you look at the symbols that are being used here in Bosnia, first of all, on the pictures you can see the same things that are going on in Kiev, they are burning cars on the streets, throwing Molotov cocktails exactly the same, then you can see the fist symbol, the emblem Otpor, that is their first and probably the most successful color revolution so far in Belgrade, in Yugoslavia, in 2000, and oddly enough on their cites, here in Bosnia you can see lots of English. I don’t know how to interpret that, it seems like a lapsus linguae. I think they need to correct that or people will get the right idea that they are puppets from somebody in English-speaking world.

Dmitry Vostok



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