Conflict brewing between the Hungarian government and Jews over the German Occupation Monument

Sunday, February 9, 2014

"Hetek" has learned that "left wing" historians preparing a posthumous genocide lawsuit against late Hungarian Governor Miklós Horthy. These people believe that the late governor wasn't held accountable for war crimes in Nuremberg because of the start of the cold war and Stalin's erratic behavior.

The date of the trial is not yet published, but sources familiar with the case indicated that it might start in the second half of March, the same day, when the government plans to inaugurate the German Occupation Monument at Liberty square.

If the court rules that Horthy was indeed guilty of genocide that would pose a serious challenge to the newly adopted Constitution as well sources said.

As part of the campaign "Protest and fight against the resurgence of anti-Semitism in Hungary" hundreds of rabbis from all over the world descending upon Budapest on March 24-25, to attend a European Rabbinical Centre organized conference. Organizers believe, if by then the government can't come to an agreement with Hungarian Jewry (meaning if the government won't back down) the event may generate a serious international scandal. The rabbis come to our country to protest among other things against the inauguration of the German Occupation Monument; if the government goes ahead with the unveiling of the monument Jews may boycott this year's Holocaust memorial celebrations.

According to "Hetek", PM Viktor Orbán has already talked with his close advisers about the emerging conflicts between the government and the Jewish community. In a closed meeting with "Friends of Hungary" Foundation members the prime minister already outlined the anticipated conflicts in Hungarian-American, German-Hungarian and Hungarian-Jewish relations.

Regarding Hungarian-Jewish relations the prime minister remarked that many Jews sympathize with "left wing" governments because crimes against their grandparents were committed under "right-wing" governments. The attacks on the current Hungarian government by Jews can be traced back to these considerations.

Mock-up of the German Occupation Monument

(Notes: Why has the erection of the German Occupation Monument enraged so many Jews? The problem lies with the artistic representation of the monument. It depicts an imperial eagle swooping in to grab an angel symbolizes our country. This symbolism alone is unbearable to Jews. I believe, they would have consented erecting an abstract monument, like an obelisk or a plaque or any structure that visually impaired. The problem for them is that the figurative representation of the invasion of Hungary by Germany makes the meaning of the structure transparent. The monument is highly praised by many artists. The unveiling ceremony has been scheduled on March 19, 2014 at the 70th anniversary of the invasion of Hungary by Germany.)

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Anonymous said...

In Hungary, Jewish Holocaust-truth is enforced with the business end of the gun, sanctioned by legislation. Denial lands you in jail - as punishment, for thinking (and saying) otherwise.

The parallels of 63 years ago are striking.

Then, another Jewish-truth was enforced by the business end of the gun, namely: Marxism (communism), sanctioned by legislation. Denial landed you in jail - as punishment, for thinking (and saying) otherwise.

Draw your conclusions on your own, and ponder upon what has really changed - if anything.

Those who are confused about Marx and Marxism: Karl Marx was a Jew, the son of a rabbi. And for further clarification:
Rabbi Stephen Wise said (late 19th century): "Some call it Marxism — I call it Judaism."

"If you ever want to know who your real rulers are, just have a look at what you are not allowed to criticize." - Voltaire

Anonymous said...

This young woman is awesome. She is incisive, accurate, bright (and hot too).
Pondering on a deceptively SIMPLE question: "Who owns you?"
This vid should be shown in schools.

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