Demons of Brussels want to cut Hungary's acacia forests down

Monday, February 10, 2014

MEP Béla Glattfelder, "ambassador" of the Acacia Coalition said the most important thing to do at this moment was to prevent the European Union from outlawing acacia trees in Europe (they want to destroy Hungary's acacia forests; the monsters of Brussels already inflicted considerable damage to the Hungarian economy a few years ago by ordering the government to demolish eleven sugar factories; now, they want to go after Hungarian acacia forests and honey producers – Hungary is one of the biggest acacia honey suppliers of Europe).

The goals of the Acacia coalition are to declare acacia Hungaricum and to prevent EU efforts from cutting Hungary's acacia forests down.

Glattfelder recalled that EU officials working on a proposal arguing that the invasive species endangers Europe's ecosystems because it is a non-native plant. This deceptive argument has been rejected by research institutes and advocate groups across the country.

The Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at SZIE Csaba Gyuricza remarked that no one in his right mind would want to ban plants such as tulips grown in the Netherlands or the also non-native corn, rye, oats, and winter wheat.

The white acacia is a Hungarian tree. More than half of Europe's acacia forests are located in Hungary, they have an important role to play in the country's ecological biodiversity. The Dean pointed out that acacia forests planted in the eighteenth century at the Great Plains prevented large parts of the region from turning into desert as acacia is an excellent plant to prevent soil erosion.

Several Hungarian organizations and universities signed a declaration asking the government to declare acacia Hungaricum; these organizations include, the National Agricultural Association, the Hungarian National Beekeeping Association, the National Forestry Association, the University of Debrecen, and the Hungarian Farmers' Cooperatives.

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Anonymous said...

Fuck the EU and their globalist masters!!

Farkas1111 said...

True dat

Anonymous said...

They ARE Satanists and satanic monsters, the sworn, bloodthirsty, rabid enemies of people and Humanity.

Anonymous said...

destruction has already begun in the netherlands very severe

Anonymous said...

I am sure those who call SATANIC MONTERS and whatever and say Fuck the EU,...very probably are living in some EU Coubtry sucking the bool out of it and are Poor bastards who can not even live in their own country and fight for it's rights. ASSHOLES !!!!!

Marie said...

White acacia is actually an American tree - Robinia pseudoacacia, imported into Europe in the 17th century. In the States is is known as black locust...

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