Hundreds of Rabbis expected to gather in Budapest as part of the fight against revived anti-Semitism in the country

Monday, February 3, 2014

Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi David Lau (L) and Sephardi Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef will both attend the Budapest Rabbinical Centre of Europe's convention.

BRUSSELS (EJP)---As part of the protest and fight against revived anti-Semitism in Hungary,the Rabbinical Center of Europe has decided to hold its bi-annual General Assembly in Budapest in March.

The conference, to be organized in cooperation with the Hungarian government, will take place March 24-25 and will be attended by hundreds of Rabbis from across Europe, as well as by Israel's Chief Rabbis, Rabbi David Lau and Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef and senior members of the Hungarian government.

"It is not easy to by a Jew in Hungary in 2014. In the past few years, the number of anti-Semitic incidents has risen sharply in the country. Grave arsons, violent attacks and blood libels have become routine. The conference is aimed at showing support to the Jewish community,’’ says Rabbi Menachem Margolin, who heads the RCE and the European Jewish Association (EJA).

Around 80,000 Jews live in Hungary.

The Hungarian extreme-right and anti-SemiticJobbik party has recently been gathering much momentum in the Hungarian street as well as in the country's Parliament where it introduced several fascist bills and verbally assault various minorities, especially Jews and Gypsies.

In an act of defiance against the local Jewish community, members of this party announced over the weekend that it will hold a political assembly in the city of Esztergom in a building that used to be a Synagogue.

The March convention will also feature a memorial ceremony in line with the Hungarian government’s own memorial project to the landmark 70th anniversary of the Holocaust in Hungary where some 800,000 Jews were exterminated by Nazis.



Anonymous said...

"Outbursts against the Jews occurred in almost all the countries (already) in which they settled BEFORE the Christian era.
“Many Roman writers,” states Angus, speak disparagingly of the Jews. Horace writes in mockery of their circumcision and the Sabbaths; Seneca calls them ‘a most accursed race’; Tacitus accuses them of hatred to all men, of immorality, of worshipping an ass.Cicero , Quintilian, Juvenal and Martial pour scorn upon them. The fact that Roman writers are so much more anti-Semitic than Greek bears testimony to the increased prominence of the Jew.”

Obviously nothing has changed in over 2000 years, and nothing will, because THEY don't change.

Anonymous said...

"Obviously nothing has changed in over 2000 years, and nothing will, because THEY don't change"

they will change, but how about you, will yow change?

Anonymous said...

Why should WE change? To accommodate you and your kind with your fundamental money-hungry avarice, lies, and dishonesty?
Listen Jew, we are here, it's OUR home. You're here, but it is NOT your home; no Jew ever considers his host country his/her "home". None, ever, anywhere, unless(!) they are in power like they were in Lenin's and Stalin's Soviet Union. Then they proceed to butcher the goyim population, like Bela Kun and Szamuely did in Hungary in 1919, and Lenin started in 1917 - that going on for decades - with about 25 to 40 million dead.
Your home is NOT here; the last thousand years of your existence, your prayers and the Talmud talks about nothing else, but to return to Jerusalem and environs.
You got Israel in 1948. So why are you HERE?
YOU WILL NOT change. In spite of 109 European expulsions since yr.250, 'cuz that taught you NOTHING; you did not change one iota. It's hopeless to think, that you'd change any even during the next 200 or even 1000 years.

Anonymous said...

This "article" is partly right. There will be a rabbis meeting.
Everything else is plain lie!
There is no organised "Jew hunting", there is no violent attack, the Jew of Hungary don't fear to go on the streets. There is some stupid kid , who think it funny to insult, but this kind of "aggression" you find everywhere against every "origin"

Bullshit and/or propaganda!

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