Hungarian Ambassador to Israel has been summoned to Israeli foreign ministry

Friday, February 14, 2014

Hungarian Ambassador to Israel has been summoned to Israeli foreign ministry on Thursday. Ambassador Andor Nagy said the Israeli side has expressed concerns over growing anti-Semitism in Hungary in the meantime, the steps Hungary has taken since 2010 in the fight against anti-Semitism have been acknowledged by Israeli ministry officials.

The Hungarian ambassador met Israeli Assistant Secretary Rafi Sultz who expressed deep concern over the number of anti-Semitic incidents have taken place recently in Hungary. The Israeli assistant secretary also expressed deep concerns over statements made by Hungarian politicians indicating that Hungarian society unwilling to face bravely its past.

"These sorts of diplomatic exchanges happen quite often in bilateral relations" said Ambassador Nagy. The host country uses these occasions to communicate certain information, or requests to partner states said the Ambassador.

During the meeting the Israeli side raised concerns over issues the Hungarian Jewish umbrella group "MAZSIHISZ" outlined in a letter to the Hungarian prime minister earlier; these concerns relate to projects linked to the Holocaust memorial year celebrations including Jewish concerns over the planned German Occupation Monument and the statement of the director of Veritas Institute regarding the deportation of Jews from Hungary said the ambassador.

Besides acknowledging steps taken by Hungarian officials in the fight against anti-Semitism, the deputy secretary of the Israeli foreign ministry expressed deep concerns over growing anti-Semitism in Hungary; especially, worrisome the neo-Nazi Jobbik party's participation in the general election said the Israeli deputy secretary.

"The Israeli side indicated that based on information obtained from local Jewish groups they believed that currently an experiment has been taking place in Hungary with the obvious intent to relativize Hungary's role in the Holocaust".

In response the Ambassador informed the Israeli deputy secretary of state of the important steps Hungary has taken in the fight against anti-Semitism and hate speech and asked the Israeli side to be partner in these efforts.

The ambassador also asked the Israeli side to wait until Prime Minister Viktor Orbán reveals his government's position on these issues before rushing to judgment on these concerns.

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Anonymous said...

You can "combat". You can "fight". You can suppress.
They'll ALL make it stronger, and more widespread.
As a result, the pressure WILL build, and one day blow.
When it blows - and it will as it always does - what usually happens is not pretty.

Anonymous said...

The more they try to control, the more they instigate the suppression(!) of feeling, judgement, thoughts; the more angry we get and the MORE will we privately agitate, the more will we privately instigate, and show and tell to more and more people the Jewish outrageous demands and outrageous arrogance, to wake them up, and to get them pissed off. In turn, they'll do the same. I time, it becomes a meme.
In a chain of threes, one can wake and influence 27 people. (3 steps, 3 people each). The fourth step's yield in the chain is 81.
It doesn't take that much, once the meme takes hold...

Once 10% solid emotional/intellectual commitment of the populace is reached, it is unstoppable. (It's a known fact on the psychology of large groups of people - including of nations).

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