In a fiery speech, Krisztina Morvai calls on the Hungarian people to resist EU colonization

Thursday, February 13, 2014

On May 1st ban on land sale to foreigners expires jeopardizing Hungarian sovereignty.

In a fiery speech Krisztina Morvai talks about the various methods and tricks Israeli settlers used to steal the arable land of Palestinian farmers and turn the rightful owners of the land to refugees in their own land.

Morvai said if Hungarians wouldn't organize themselves an resist collectively against the colonization efforts by the European Union, governments themselves couldn't do much to prevent the pending catastrophe even if Jobbik comes to power. Only grassroots resistance have the chance to succeed and prevent the colonization of our country by foreign predators and local oligarchs.

Hungary is still in better position than Palestine said Morvai, so there was still hope that we might succeed; she called on the people to wake up and resist because tomorrow might be too late.



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