Jobbik vice-President Előd Novák suffered a serious accident

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I suffered a silly accident during the memorial march on Sunday resulting a broken ankle. In hospital I received an anesthetic shot before doctors tried to fix my broken ankle. As a result, I stopped breathing and lost consciousness; practically, doctors had to bring me back to life writes Előd Novák on Facebook.

The Jobbik organized commemoration march took place on a tough terrain. At some point during the march the Jobbik vice-president slipped and fell on the ground suffering a fractured ankle.

As being a member of the National Assembly, Novák was eligible to be admitted in the special ward reserved for state leaders and legislators in the Army hospital; however, remaining true to Jobbik's philosophy of "no special treatment for politicians" he told paramedics to take him to a regular hospital where ordinary Hungarians are usually taken in such cases.

The politician then rushed to the St. John's hospital where he shares a room with four other patients. The entire ward smells of urine and the service is so bad that even in jail he received better food writes Novák.

As part of the procedure, screws have been inserted into the politician's ankle, which remains in place for half a year.

“After receiving an anesthetic shot, I stopped breathing and as a result, I lost consciousness; my upper body temporarily got paralyzed; my condition was so bad that I had to be put on a ventilator” writes the politician. Later, however, his condition was stabilized and now, he breathes on his own.

The accident has come in the worst time, in the middle of the general election campaign. The Jobbik politician has to cancel all scheduled forums and campaign appearances for the next two months.

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