Joint statement by Jobbik and Ruch Narodowy on the protection of minority rights in Ukraine

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Here are the highlights

Ruch Narodowy and Jobbik call on the Polish and Hungarian governments that by coordinating their efforts immediately take measures to protect and ensure the rights of the Hungarian and Polish minorities in Ukraine.

The signatories of the joint statement point out that the national governments of Hungary and Poland are unable to transcend Brussels' game plan and raise the issue of the security and improvement of minority rights in Ukraine independently so sacrificing national interests on the altar of euro-federalism says the statement.

In the current phase of escalating crisis in Ukraine chauvinism and intolerance against ethnic minorities are growing in popularity, which already left a tragic mark on modern Ukrainian history.

We expect that our governments, regardless of the future composition of the Ukrainian government act decisively to ensure the following objectives: make sure that Ukraine won't glamorize political criminals like Stepan Bandera; observe the language law adopted in 2012; increase support for minority language education and provide the infrastructure necessary for social and cultural activities of minorities.

Ruch Narodowy and Jobbik call on the Polish and the Hungarian governments to protect the rights of the Polish minority in Western Ukraine and the Hungarian minority in the Transcarpathian region and as part of the reorganization of the Ukrainian state demand the widest possible form of self-government for the Hungarian and Polish minorities concludes the statement.

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