Joke of the day: Soviet trained bookkeeper Lajos Bokros and the globalist opposition join forces to combat corruption

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Photo: Former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany welcoming fellow satanist Lajos Bokros

The globalist alliance and Soviet trained bookkeeper Lajos Bokros struck a deal agreeing that Bokros' phantom party will support the globalist coalition in the upcoming general election in April.

Socialist party chairman Attila Mesterházy said: "I and Bokros agreed to restore the rule of law in the country including the two-round system and work jointly on the elimination of corruption”.

"We are a Centre-right, conservative party" said the seriously bent clown who introduced the first austerity measure in Hungary under the Horn government.

We disagree in certain areas with the "left-wing" parties (meaning the globalist traitors like him), but I believe that only the “left-wing” alliance can restore the rule of law in the country said one of the most vile politicians of the country Lajos Bokros whose phantom party has close to zero support.

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Two Jews of the usual sort...

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