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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tamás "Fx" Sűrü became interested in freestyle soccer at the age of 14; an injury that forced him to take a long break turned the promising soccer player to freestyle football. The emerging sport attracted him so much that he left traditional football for good and started pursuing freestyle soccer. In a few years, he has become one of the world's best freestyle footballers.

After finishing high school he went to Netherlands because at home he couldn't find suitable job that would have allowed him to pursue his career in freestyle football.

Later, he returned to Hungary to join the Hungarian Armed Forces but he was rejected despite the fact that he passed all required tests.

Soon after, he went to France and signed up for the French Foreign Legion basic training program. After successfully completing it, he was offered a five-year contract in the Foreign Legion, but instead, he returned to Hungary. He said "I just wanted to know if I was really unsuitable for the military, or the problem lies with the system itself,".

Sports and patriotism

Tamás Sűrü calls himself a committed nationalist, a Hungarian patriot. In 2010, he already participated in a Jobbik election campaign video; soon after, he joined the party and now, he leads Jobbik Dombrád wing.

Regarding Hungarian sports, Sűrü thinks that the whole system should be rebuilt from scratch because today, it is not talent that matters but connections, and support goes to those least need it; money-centered approach hinders developments in sport said the world champion bronze medalist freestyle footballer.

Sűrü now, working hard to launch his own clothing brand called "Hitmen of Skills", for patriotic Hungarian athletes. The street wear brand called "Warrior" (Harcos) gave him the inspiration to launch his own brand; the goal is to convince Hungarian athletes to buy Hungarian made sports wear rather than of foreign imports.

Currently, the 23 year-old Hungarian patriot earns his living as a street performer because even by speaking several languages he is unable to find a full-time job in Hungary.

Tamás Sűrü won numerous awards in the past few years; he is world champion bronze medalist, two-time Hungarian champion and two-time Dutch champion.

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