Members of the Ukrainian security force in Lviv apologize on knees for clashes in Kiev

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

In the city of Lviv, one hundred members of the Ukrainian security force, Berkut have been forced to apologize on knees for clashes in Kiev in front of a local crowd.

"We condemn the police actions against protesters like you do. We don't know who took part in the clashes, but we apologize on their behalf," recited the formula by one hundred police officers while kneeling on stage.

They assured the crowd that their unit didn't take part in the clashes. however, learned that 130 members of the Lviv security force in fact, took part in the skirmishes in the Ukrainian capital.

While in western Ukraine members of the security force have pleaded for forgiveness in the Crimean city of Sevastopol returning members of Berkut have been celebrated as heroes.

In the meantime, an internet protest campaign was kicked off in Lviv to protest against the withdrawal of the language law by the Ukrainian parliament; the campaign spread to the Transcarpathian counties as well; participants who joined the protest pledged to speak only Russian or one of the languages ​​spoken in the Transcarpathian region for one day.

In Transcarpathia the campaign "Speak Russian for a day!" launched by Halina Jarceva Kiev Uzhgorod Channel 5 TV correspondent.

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