Ninefold increase in the number of illegal immigrants coming to this country

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Since the establishment of the Hungarian Immigration Agency officials haven't met as many asylum seekers as in the last year said the Director General of Immigration and Citizenship Zsuzsanna Végh in Debrecen on Monday.

While in 2012 over 2,157 asylum seekers had been granted refugee status this number increased to 18,900 last year, which is nearly ninefold increase said Zsuzsanna Végh the head of the agency.

The majority of asylum seekers come from Kosovo, Afghanistan, Syria, Algeria and Pakistan.

Most of the applicants are not genuine refugee claimants, but economic migrants, so they have no chance to get accepted. Luckily, Hungary is still a transit country, as most refugees determined to migrate to the western part of Europe said Zsuzsanna Végh.

The director stressed that despite scattered incidents that took place around the refugee camp in Debrecen last year there are no public safety concerns in the city. Last year 1000-1200 refugee were housed in the camp, which has the capacity of 900; but currently only 430 asylum seekers have been staying in a refugee camp.

Citizens who live in the area however, paint a different picture of the security situation around the refugee camp. It is not as rosy as officials suggesting it is as crimes committed by migrants growing steadily in the area. In February the Debrecen District Court ruled against two Algerian residents of the refugee camp for assaulting and robbing Hungarian women.

In September last year three Nigerian criminals assaulted and robbed an elderly man in Debrecen because he warned the former refugees to stop smoking in the hallway of an appartment building. The victim suffered serious injuries.

According to the Jobbik party, the government does not seem to realize the gravity of the problem, it does not increase border security to the required level, and it allows refugees who has committed crimes to remain in the country.

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Send them back home, they only want money, it is same in sweden.

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