Obama does not like the Ugandan anti-gay bill

Monday, February 17, 2014

Obama warned the Ugandan president if he signs the anti-gay bill that proposes life imprisonment for anyone engaged in homosexual activity American-Ugandan relations will suffer.

The draft resolution if passed imposes severe punishments on people engaged in homosexual practices: the new legislation proposes life imprisonment for anyone caught performing a "homosexual act"; the proposed law obliges citizens to report any suspicious activity relating to homosexual practices.

The bill introduces tough punishments on anyone caught publicizing homosexual activities; this include even those that simply talk about the subject matter privately without expressing preference for homosexual practices.

U.S. President Barack Obama warned the President of Uganda, if the bill would be adopted it may cause complications in U.S.-Ugandan relations, which would be painful for Uganda as the African country is one of the biggest beneficiaries of U.S. aid.

A U.S. national security adviser wrote on Twitter Sunday that he tried to convince Ugandan president not to sign the bill without success.

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