President János Áder visits team Hungary in Sochi Olympic village

Saturday, February 8, 2014

President János Áder and his wife as well as Secretary of State for Sport István Simicskó have visited team Hungary in Sochi Olympic village.

"The president inquired about the athletes' living conditions, the quality of their accommodation, their health, and training opportunities in the Olympic village reporting MTI.

The president wanted to know the truth about news reports of sub-standards living conditions in the Olympic village. The Hungarians athletes told the president that they have experienced no such things and the conditions in the Olympic village were optimal. (Earlier the shitstream media disseminated horror stories about the harsh living conditions of athletes in the Olympic village. They said toilets and showers were not working, tap water was dirty, beds were too short and so on and so forth; this is to hurt the reputation of the Sochi Winter Olympics and discredit Russia whose president they hate because he is not willing to submit to the demands of the globalist overlords.)

The president said he was reassured by the leaders of the Hungarian team that services in the Olympic village were excellent.

The president also said the spectacular opening ceremony has shattered all rumors about alleged poor organization of the world class event.

Anyone who has seen the opening ceremony could easily realize that it was a carefully prepared spectacle based on Russian tradition in the mean time, it was respectful towards all cultures and traditions said Áder.

At the end of the visit Secretary of State for Sport István Simicskó, who himself a practicing martial artist, performed a kata exercise to the athletes and their Chinese coach.

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