Recent poll by Tarki: The big winners of the month are the Fidesz and the Jobbik parties

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Two months before the general election, the Fidesz party continues to lead the polls by a big margin reporting the latest survey by Tárki. Within the total population Fidesz support has grown from 29 per cent in January to 38 percent in February. Among decided voters Fidesz garnered 51 percent support in February.

The other big winner of the month is the Jobbik party. Its support shows significant jump both within the general population and among decided voters.

Jobbik's support in the total population jumped from 8 percent in January to 15 percent in February. Among decided voters the radical party increased its support from 14 percent in January to 19 per cent in February.

The globalist coalition (Socialist party, Együtt–PM and the Gyurcsany party) appears to be in a collapsing mode. Globalist support among the total population is unchanged -- 21 percent, however among decided voters its support dropped from 35 percent in January to 27 percent in February.

(Notes: It seems that Jobbik's strategy to stay out of political mudslinging pays off. Jobbik said right at the beginning of the election campaign they would focus exclusively on their programs, meeting the electorate rather than participate in cheap political mudslinging. Jobbik election campaign targeting ordinary people; party candidates hold public forums across the country in order to disseminate the party's program to as many people as possible because the mainstream media tend to portray the party in unfavorable light.)



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