Tamás Gaudi-Nagy and Balázs Lenhardt removed the EU flag, the hated symbol of colonialism from the national assembly

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tamás Gaudi-Nagy and Balázs Lenhardt removed the EU flags from the national assembly and threw them out of the window. The heart-warming patriotic performance took place during the debate on the collective investment draft law, which also included the acquisition of agricultural land by foreigners, a legislation that the two politicians objected calling it treasonous.

In the debate, Tamás Gaudi-Nagy remarked that Jobbik representatives before occupied the presidential podium to protest against the adoption of the new land law. The representative then, went to the presidential podium removed one of the European Union's flags and took it out of the assembly; then, former Jobbik caucus member Balázs Lenhardt joined Gaudi and removed the other one from the Chamber then, they threw the flags out of the window.

After the incident, Tamás Gaudi-Nagy said to MTI that following May 1st the Hungarian land would fall prey to foreign predators and money junkies. All legal means to protect the agricultural land have been exhausted so the Hungarian people have to find new forms of resistance to prevent the full colonization of their country.

The Jobbik politician called the presence of the "symbol of colonialism" -- the Union Flag – in the national assembly unacceptable; there is no law requiring any of these symbols to be displayed in the national assembly said Gaudi.

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