The government backed down, the inauguration of the German Occupation Monument at "Szabadság" Square has been postponed

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Due to unbearable pressure and threats exerted by local and international Jewry on the Hungarian government the cabinet has decided to postpone the unveiling of the German Occupation Monument until after the general election.

According to information obtained by "Népszabadság", the cabinet has reviewed the issue today and decided that the unveiling of the German Occupation Monument should be postponed because the issue provoked a storm of controversy before the general election.

Reportedly, the cabinet has decided that the memorial should be unveiled after the general election but no later than May 31.

Most probably, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will inform the Hungarian Jewish community about the cabinet's decision in a letter and suggests further talks with Jewish organizations regarding the Holocaust memorial celebrations.

The government planned to unveil the monument on March 19, 2014 at the 70th anniversary of the invasion of Hungary by Germany.

Earlier, PM Viktor Orbán dismissed all suggestions to cancel the monument: he said for him the unveiling of the monument was part of a personal mission.

Jews are opposing the monument because it suggests that the Hungarian nation was also a victim of the war; they fear that later on the country can't be blamed for the deportation of Jews that started right after the German invasion of the country.

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