The only ethnic Hungarian member of the Ukrainian Parliament István Gajdos called on PM Orbán to protect Hungarians' rights in Ukraine

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Member of the Ukrainian Parliament István Gajdos rejected the abolition of the progressive minority language law passed by the Ukrainian parliament yesterday; the only ethnic Hungarian member of the Ukrainian Parliament called on Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Foreign Minister János Martonyi to intervene and protect the rights of the Hungarian minority in Ukraine in a statement released by the Hungarian News Agency MTI.

He stressed that "forces came into power in the wake of the Ukrainian political crisis by disregarding European minority right norms abolished the progressive language law of the country."

"I strongly reject the narrowing of minority rights including the rights of the Hungarian minority in Ukraine. I call on the Hungarian minority and professional organizations in the Transcarpathian region to strongly denounce the abolition of the language law," said István Gajdos member of parliament and the head of the Ukrainian Democratic Alliance of Hungarians.

The language law went into effect on August 10, 2012; it allowed bilingualism in regions where the respective national minority made up more than ten percent of the population. The Hungarian language was an officially recognized regional languege in the city of Beregszasz, Transcarpathia.

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Anonymous said...

The outcome of Ukraine's color revolution is anything but certain. The situation changes by the hour.

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...What is happening in Ukraine and Syria is is a project of the West, a new type of war: in both places you see a clear anti-Russian approach, and as is well known, wars today begin with psychological and information warfare operations. . . Kerry and Obama are encouraging in Kiev what they harshly repress in their country. European leaders break up unauthorized demonstrations with hoses, throwing demonstrators in jail, while in the Ukrainian case they do the exact opposite, and on top of that they threaten Russia. Logically, this is part of information warfare...

...Currently in the Ukraine, there is a parliament in Kiev and a parliament in Kharkov. The parliament stripped Yanukovych of his powers and impeached him but he says they dont have the powers to do that and refuses to step down. The latest reports have the President in Donetsk. There is actually no single person in charge over there. It’s chaos. Everything about the ‘rebellion’ reeks of western puppetry and fascism...Things are very fluid and changing hourly. Stay tuned..

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