The Socialist party runs a deranged gypsy blogger as a candidate in the April general election

Monday, February 17, 2014

Jobbik issued a statement demanding the removal of gypsy blogger, Arthur Balogh from the Socialist party's voter list.

The official Hungarian News Agency, MTI and the shitstream media didn't want to touch the story as the lie factories are controlled by the same dark forces that use gypsies as a biological weapon against the majority of the population.

The gypsy scum made the following Hungarian-hating, racist and inflammatory statements in his blog in 2010:

"Hungarians have to tolerate gypsy crime!

In a philosophical sense gypsies are not subject to the law!

Hungarians have no right to bring gypsies to justice.

Hungarian citizens of Roma origin can't be sanctioned even if they commit crimes to support themselves and their families by misappropriating the possessions of others or the majority of the population.

The gypsy has the right to steal.

The phrase self-support would be a better term to use when describing gypsy crime".

„A cigány megélhetési bűnözést el kell tűrnötök!

Cigányokra filozófiai és igazságossági értelemben nem vonatkoznak a törvények. „

Tulajdonképpen a cigányokat nincs jogotok megbüntetni.

A cigány származású magyar állampolgár büntethetetlen akkor, amikor a családja, önmaga létfenntartása érdekében eltulajdonítja mások, vagy a többség javait.

A cigány jogosan lop.

Cigánybűnözés helyett jó lenne ha cigányönsegélyezés szóösszetételt használnának"

The globalist opposition runs Arthur Balogh as a candidate to compete for gypsy votes in the upcoming general election said Jobbik spokesperson Adam Mirkóczki.

The fact that this person can keep any position in the Socialist party in itself an outrage said Mirkóczki.

Therefore, Jobbik demands from the Socialist party to remove blogger Arthur Balogh from its electoral list and expel him from the party. If the Socialist party fails to do so, it will be a clear indication that the globalist opposition more interested in declaring war on the peaceful and law-abiding citizen of the country then restoring ethnic peace.

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