The Syrian army ambushed and killed close to two hundred terrorists

Friday, February 28, 2014

The Syrian army intercepted communications between terrorists and arms suppliers and set up a trap for the mercenaries (the fact that the Syrian army can intercept the most modern western encrypted radio massages used by the terrorists indicates that they use modern Russian technology).

Two weeks prior to the operation, Syrian army engineers planted mines along the road where the terrorists are expected to travel to meet their suppliers; when the terrorists reached the targeted stretch of the road the army detonated the explosives, which was followed up by artillery and infantry fire.

"...The number of carcasses counted so far is 192. This may be adjusted upwards as more rats are found. The number (of) wounded or arrested is 58 with 2 confirmed CIA agents. I still do not know the nationality of the spies. There is a large number of Saudis and Jordanians. Unlike other news sources, I have not received any word of Chechens in the group" writes syrianfreepress.



Anonymous said...

Good news.
When enough are killed and blown to bits, they'll just evaporate. Being a mercenary is good business as long as the odds of getting killed are low. Most of those thugs are dedicated mainly to money, not to some ideology or even religion.
If CIA and Mossad agents are blown to bits together with the mercenaries, so much the better; they are even less dedicated to meet their maker.

Anonymous said...

Video of the aftermath of the attack.

Al-Qaïda attaque l’armée libanaise

Google translate:

Al-Qaeda attack the Lebanese army

The Syrian Arab army supported by Hezbollah has made considerable progress in the area of ​​Qalamoun stationed where at least 10,000 fighters. They have suffered great losses...

LBCI News...

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