The war on the Hungarian nation intensifies – American Jews issued a statement criticizing the Hungarian government

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

As election day approaches the war on the Hungarian nation is getting more intense. American Jewish organization AJC issued a statement urging the Hungarian government to start addressing the demands of the Jewish community in Hungary. The head of the organization writes: the decision of the Hungarian Jewish community to boycott Holocaust related activities is painful, the efforts by the Hungarian government to re-write history traumatize Hungarian Jews.

According to AJC, the government hasn't addressed the demands of the Jewish community so far and the ongoing discussions haven't produced results.

According to the head of AJC Rabbi Andrew Baker, the current behavior of the Fidesz party is all the more surprising because it was the governing party that declared the year 2014, Holocaust Remembrance Year. The head of the organization pointed out that the Hungarian government has so far refused to change its position on any of the controversial issues, and common dialogue between the government and the Hungarian Jewish community has produced no result.

Jewish organizations in Hungary are concerned that the government wants to re-write history in order to reduce the liability of Hungarians in crimes committed against Jews during the second world war by trying to blame these crimes on the German occupation of the country.

Central Europe's largest Jewish community is terrified by the Jobbik party's electoral success and the Fidesz party's populist messages concludes the statement released by AJC.

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Anonymous said...

It's time that Hungarians ask for reparations for what was done to them under Rakosi and Bela Kuhn.

Anonymous said...

The world is waking up.

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Anonymous said...

The world is indeed waking up
These tactics - which worked 10-20 years ago - are today achieving the exact opposite. Every manifestation of this nature by the Jews creates more and more anger, and YES, antisemitism.
The pressure is building, getting more virulent - palpably.

It was my grandfather who told me - who was born in the last years of the 19th century: The Jews just push, push, push, never grasping or understanding, that beyond a certain point it is counterproductive and creates anger, resentment and resistance (i.e. "antisemitism").
It's amazing, that decades pass, centuries pass, a 109 expulsions in Europe since yr. 250 and they learn NOTHING.

They consider themselves smart. Smart may they be, but intelligent and wise they certainly are NOT. Remember the two are not the same, not even close.

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