Triple Olympic champion kayaker Natasa Janics-Douchev underwent lower back surgery

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Triple Olympic champion of Győr - Graboplast Natasa Janics-Douchev underwent lower back surgery reports the club in a statement issued today. Apparently, chronic lower back pain bothered the athlete for quite some time, so surgical intervention has become inevitable says the statement.

Doctors inserted a titanium screw implant in Natasa's spinal column. The surgery went very well, but the recovery process may take some time – it is specific to each individual said doctors; so, it can't be predicted when the 19 - time world champion kayaker can resume training says the club statement.

"My back problems started in 2012; last summer, pains got worse. I visited my doctor several times. During the World Cup I thought it could not hurt me more than that, I could barely hold on, but I did not want to let the national team down. During the one-month winter break my lower back started hurting even more, but the resumption of training seemed to improve the situation. I was confident that I do not have to skip training sessions - until the middle of December, when after a sneeze something happened; in the Tata training camp I started feeling lousy again. I felt I couldn't swim as before. After the tests, I talked to diver Nóra Barta, who told me about her experience with back problems encouraging me to go ahead with the surgery," said Janics, who added that now she felt much better.

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