Ukraine: Russia has begun to distribute Russian identity cards in Crimea

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Russia has begun to distribute Russian identity cards in the Crimean peninsula reporting the Ukrainian media referring to remarks made by Member of the Russian Parliament Leonid Sluckij who has arrived in Simferopol.

"In case Crimea requests reunification with Russia, the Russian parliament will consider the issue very quickly" said journalist Oleg Kriuchkov.

In the meantime, former boxing champion Vitali Klitschko confirmed that he runs as a candidate in the May presidential election.

The presidential campaign began Tuesday after the Ukrainian parliament has voted to call early presidential elections.

"I run for office because I firmly believe that the rules of the game must be changed in Ukraine" stressed the 42-year-old leader of the Udar party who in recent months has repeatedly stressed that he runs for office. "Truth must prevail I'm sure that's possible," he added.

(Oroszország Hangja – MTI –


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