World Champion kayaker Tamara Csipes returned to Hungary after a year in Australia

Friday, February 21, 2014

Four-time world champion kayaker Tamara Csipes returned to Hungary after a year in Australia; she will continue training under her father-coach Ferenc Csipes.

"It is true, I've come home, I will continue my career in Hungary" confirmed the news Tamara who has already started training.

The athlete and her husband left Hungary in the autumn of 2012 determined to switch country and compete for Australia. However, she didn't get permission from the Hungarian Canoe Federation to leave and as a result, she was obliged to wait two years before she could join the Australian team in major competitions. Nonetheless, she started training with the Australian national team; but as time went by she changed her mind and decided to return to Hungary for good.

"I've had a lot of fun in Australia, but while I stayed there, I realized that my father is the best coach in the world, and I would like to continue my career under his guidance," said the athlete.

The Hungarian Canoe Federation is also very happy to see her coming home.

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