China supports Russia on the Crimean issue

Monday, March 31, 2014

Russian and Chinese special forces

While the West tries to isolate Russia in international affairs, China has expressed its full support to the Russian position on the Crimean issue. Moscow and Beijing are currently discussing the possibility of setting up a joint military - police force, which can easily change the balance of power in international relations.

China abstained from voting on the UN resolution condemning Russia, however, the Chinese media made crystal clear that China fully supports Russia's position on the Crimean issue.

China's Global Times recently ran an article, which stated "The U.S. and the EU have regarded Russia as a toy that suddenly changed into real". Later that day, another article criticized the West for condemning the Russian position on Crimea that the west grossly misjudged. They added that "We can not deny help from our Russian friends in these difficult times. China has to be a reliable strategic partner that friends can always count on".

The Communist Party's official newspaper the People's Daily ran an article headlined Russia-China strategic alliance can be the cornerstone of security in the modern world. These are clear statements from the Chinese government showing China's commitment to ongoing developments in international affairs.

In the State Duma, Putin expressed his gratitude to the Chinese people for their support and called on members of the Russian ministry of foreign affairs to draw up the details of the military cooperation agreement with China. China and Russia already signed a treaty of friendship in 2001.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this is the second lost opportunity (post WW1 the other opportunity) for Central and Eastern Europe to keep out of the Globalist engineered Wars and agendas by forming a North - South trade and defense alliance. Small and medium sized countries need economic and military alliances to defend against the Globalist mafia. From Finland (possibly including Scandinavia), the Baltics, Poland, Kalingrad, Belorussia, Ukraine, Moldova, Transdinitar, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, ex-Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Italy. Associate trade and defense arrangements can be made to the East including Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and the 'stans (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, etc.). Essentially, a Central and Eastern Europe trade and military DEFENSE and trade (not investment) pact (agenda) including trade relations with other non-aligned nations including South America, Asia, etc. The Globalists are bringing everyone down with their agendas.

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