Crimea applied to become part of Russia following referendum

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Crimean parliament declared the region’s independence from Ukraine Monday and formally applied to become part of Russia after a referendum on Sunday.

The Black Sea peninsula, with a Russian ethnic majority has sent a formal request to Moscow to join Russia while preserving its status as a republic, the parliament said in a statement.

The Crimean parliament declared independence last week ahead of the referendum promising that if the measure passed the de facto independent government would immediately request annexation by Russia.

"The republic of Crimea appeals to the United Nations and to all countries of the world to recognize it as an independent state established by the Crimean people," a document approved Monday by the parliament declared.

A Crimean parliamentary delegation is due to arrive in Moscow on Monday to discuss the procedures required for Crimea to become part of Russia.

In the latest sign of Crimea’s growing attempts to align with Russia, its parliament voted Monday to change the clock in the republic to Moscow time on March 30 and introduce the Russian ruble as an official currency and abandon Ukraine’s hryvnia by January 2016.

The Russian Foreign Ministry called on the international community Monday to recognize the right of Crimea to determine its own path.

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Crimea is ready for military assistance to Ukraine's eastern and southern counties

"Crimea is ready for military assistance to Ukraine's eastern and southern Russian majority populated counties, if necessary" said Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea Rustam Temirgaliyev.

"We don't expect Ukrainian invasion, we've reinforced the narrow mass of land links the peninsula to the mainland and our fighting force has been increasing by the day" said the deputy prime minister.

After the Ukrainian military units stationed in the peninsula have been dispersed due to the outcome of the referendum, their weaponry have been appropriated by Crimean militias.

Crimean authorities have brought to the attention of the disbanded Ukrainian units that they can settle on the peninsula if they want to.

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Anonymous said...

The Globalists destabilized Ukraine and in a brilliant chess move, Crimea took advantage of the chaos and democratically exited the Ukrainian disaster. The Globalist presstitute media is now spinning the overwhelming vote to move forward for a positive future by demonizing Russia and Putin. This is a Globalist deflection for their own incompetence and corruption - poor marble players in a Eurasian Chess Board.

With 100% ballots counted, 96.77% of Crimeans vote to re-unite with Russia - Crimean election chief

...96.77% of Crimeans voted to re-unite with Russia – Crimean election chief

The turnout was 1.274,096 voters or 83.1 percent of Crimea’s eligible voters, he said, adding that the figure did not include the city of Sevastopol.

Those who voted for Crimea to enjoy a broader autonomy within the framework of Ukraine total 31,997 or 2.51%, Malyshev said.

Less than one percentage of the ballots – 9,097 or 0.72% - were declared invalid...

Turkey and Crimea

...Several days ago, Barak Obama called the overthrow of the legitimate authorities in Kiev a triumph of democracy. Now Crimea will give President Obama a lesson in democracy...

By supporting the coup, the US has laid the foundations for a broad restructuring process of the Ukrainian state into a looser confederation of regions. The principle of self-determination, to which the people of Crimea are adhering, is enshrined in international law, while non-recognition of the results of the people’s will would be the latest evidence of the American establishment’s commitment to the project of creating a ‘Ukrainian Reich’ within former Ukraine. The Western media are lying when they talk about the so-called full solidarity of all NATO countries with the American position. In truth, Washington’s position is not supported by many of those with a special interest in Crimea and these include Turkey, since Crimea is home to Crimean Tatars, who are ethnically close to Turks...

From Iraq to Ukraine: A Pattern of Disaster

Crimean ‘Check’ on Western Machinations in Ukraine

American geo-strategic planners are fond of the chess game analogy, as articulated foremost by former National Security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski. In the wake of the resounding vote for Crimean unification with Russia at the weekend, it may be said that this move by the Crimean electorate declares a «check» on Washington’s machinations in the Ukraine…

Anonymous said...

The referendum was a huge geopolitical defeat for the Globalists.

Crimea? No, Venice! Independence referendum in EU goes almost unnoticed

While the Crimean referendum tops world media headlines, an attempt at secession is going on in Veneto, Italy, with its major city Venice. But as it is being virtually ignored by media, people in Europe are hardly aware of what’s happening next door...

​‘Serene’ referendum: Italian region votes on restoration of Venetian Republic

...As Crimeans make their way to the polls this Sunday, another region further in the heart of Europe is also deciding its fate in a referendum: the Italian region of Veneto, which is voting on whether to break with Rome... Venice may also sever ties with the European Union and NATO if it gains its independence.

"Venetians not only want out of Italy, but we also want out of the euro, the EU and NATO...

Crimea referendum professional, up to international standards – head of intl observers

Crimean ‘Referendum at Gunpoint’ is a Myth – International Observers

International bankers behind crisis in Ukraine: Dean Henderson

Crimea Rejects the US-NATO Sponsored Neoliberal Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Regime

Blame Game Over Ukraine And Crimea’s Status

Russia Touches U.S. Achilles Heel: Petrogold instead of Petrodollar

Passions Running High over Ukraine, or EU Living in Inverted World

The Eurasian Chessboard: Brzezinski Mapped Out “The Battle for Ukraine” in 1997

Patrons of Ukraine’s Nazi Putschists Spook Russia with Sanctions: Diplomatic Bluff

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