Demonstration calling for referendum on the sovereignty of Transcarpathia (Kárpátalja)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

A demonstration will be held on Friday at 6 pm. at the ministry of foreign affairs in Budapest to demand sovereignty for Transcarpatia (Kárpátalja).

The international law guarantees the right to self-determination to the more than 150 thousand ethnic Hungarians and nearly a million Rusyns living in Transcarpathia writes Jobbik MP Tamás Gaudi-Nagy.

The will of the people of Transcarpathia clearly expressed in a referendum in 1991 but then, the Ukrainian government sabotaged the result of the referendum.

Recently, Ukraine has been take over by special interest groups; the return of the Crimean peninsula to Russia in a legitimate referendum puts an inescapable obligation on the Hungarian government. The Hungarian minority in Transcarpathia must be protected even by using the military.

Hungarians in Transcarpathia must be allowed to decide on their future in a fair referendum; do they want to rejoin Hungary either by themselves or jointly with the friendly Rusyn people or remain part of Ukraine? Until a referendum has been organized, a full-fledged regional autonomy should be granted to Transcarpathia, in line with the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly provision 1832/2011.

One of the goals of the demonstration is to support the sovereignty demands of our Hungarian and Rusyn brothers and sisters in Transcarpathia and also the other ethnic groups of Ukraine including the Polish, the Russian and the Romanian minorities. And secondly to urge the Hungarian government to stand up for minority rights in Ukraine. We condemn the government's cowardly and submissive policy in these critical times writes Gaudi.

Let's show to the whole world that we are a freedom loving nation; today, we stand shoulder to shoulder with the Russians fighting for freedom of Transcarpathia annexed illegally by Ukraine writes the Jobbik politician.

After the protest a petition will be handed over to the ministry of foreign affairs.

More info on the protest can be found on Facebook

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