Huge crowd at Fidesz campaign rally at Heroes' Square in Budapest (Photo report)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Close to half a million people attended Fidesz campaign rally at Heroes' Square in Budapest where Prime Minister Viktor Orbán appealed to voters to give him four more years in April 6 general election.

One of the distinguished guests of the rally was Joseph Daul the President of the European People's Party. He called it a huge honor to be invited to the rally. Hungarians could be proud of the performance of the prime minister and his government said the president of the European People's party.

The President of the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians István Pásztor conveyed the message of Hungarians living in the neighboring countries emphasizing the importance of trust and cooperation among all Hungarians.

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Géza said...

First of all, great pictures!!

Guess you guys know what the European People's Party is and what they stand for? They want a European Political Union!! Strengthening fiscal and economic governance at the EU level.

Read their manifesto.
These guys want a federal Europian state and the end of the nation states! Yep, the end of Hungary as a sovereign nation and mass immigration like in the West.

Yes, Orbán is a member of this group. Watch how he talked to Barosso and friends in Dublin at the EPP congres! These people are globalist. You also know about the transathlantic trade union with the USA. this is what they stand for.

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