Hungarian government ordered all vehicles entering the country from Ukraine to be disinfected

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The official explanation is to prevent the spread of an infectious disease affecting pigs. The measure was ordered by the Chief Veterinarian claiming that the disease affecting Ukraine might infect domestic stock.

Starting today, every vehicle entering Hungary via Záhony, Beregsurány, Tiszabecs, Lónya, Barabas border crossings have to go through special disinfecting stations and gates; the measures include passenger cars and buses as well.

However, there are rampant rumors that the measures have been taken by Hungarian authorities may have caused by reasons other than pest control.

On February 20, the Voice of Russia reported that in early February, unknown gunmen seized the Rivne nuclear power plant in Ukraine; ever since, the western media have been ignoring the story -- which already raises suspicion -- and supposedly, Brussels has ordered a media blackout surrounding the case.

Rumors are that the unknown gunmen occupied the administrative block of the power station and set fire to the main server of the plant, which is the main source of energy for residents living in the area; thereafter, no information has been released of what actually happened in the power station.

The question is the order to disinfect every vehicle at Hungarian-Ukrainian border crossings is the result of pest control as authorities claim or something else, perhaps to prevent radiation contaminants from entering the country?

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