János Zuschlag: Former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany is a real jerk

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

János Zuschlag, a former ally and confidant of Ferenc Gyurcsany revealed a great deal of information about his former boss and the socialist crime network in a candid interview with “Napi Gazdaság”.

Former member of the Socialist party and member of parliament János Zuschlag was arrested in 2007 and sentenced to 6 years in prison for running a crime network within the socialist party covering all sorts of criminal activities including bribery, extortion, cronyism, nepotism, and so on and so forth.

When the illegal activities of the socialist crime syndicate leaked to the media the party offered 50 million HUF to Zuschlag implicitly telling him to take the blame for all criminal activities to save the big fishes of the party like Ferenc Gyurcsany, Ildikó Lendvai and and others from being prosecuted for offenses they themselves supervised.

In the interview Zuschlag revealed that the socialist party had a central safe in the party's headquarters where huge amount of cash was kept to finance criminal activities. The safe was located at the second floor of the party's headquarters but only a few people had access to it; the safe was under the control of the party treasurer said Zuschlag.

Former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany

When he was asked what the money was used for he replied: to pay under the table grants, arrange messy business deals and to cover the various expenses of the head of the Socialist party.

According to Zuschlag, Gyurcsany supervised all payments transferred to fictitious clients and fraudulent business operators.

I know about these things because "I was sitting next to him when different sport contracts have been discussed with members of parliament," said Zuschlag.

In the interview, Zuschlag described his former boss, Ferenc Gyurcsany as a real jerk, he humiliated everyone around him including current socialist party boss Attila Mesterhazy; as an example he mentioned that at one point Gyurcsany limited Mesterhazy's cell phone use.

In his book published on Monday, Zuschlag describes his last meeting with Gyurcsany as follows: "Zuschlag! This is the moment when... No, this is not clear enough. I say it differently: if you don't get out of here, we gonna beat you to a pulp. The Prime Minister's eyelids began to twitch slightly. His face was bright red, his mouth changed into a thin stripe. He was cruel, cold, and obscene ... "

"Gyurcsany and his buddies sacrificed me. They hated me because I was smart, aggressive, and I wasn't afraid of them" writes Zuschlag.

"Zuschlag, get out of here...said Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany who I had to defend against all sorts of accusations. It was a lot of work. He was accused of many things: how, did he acquire the “Balatonőszöd” holiday home, the alumina plant, and the hydro plant that worth millions. I had to stand up each time and say Gyurcsany was a decent politician" writes former member of parliament János Zuschlag.

A liberal-Bolshevik vampire molested Zuschlag

In the National Assembly a liberal-Bolshevik monster molested the then 21 year old member of parliament in the elevator. The incident happened in 1998 writes Zuschlag:

I got on the elevator with one of my elderly colleagues in the Socialist party who suddenly turned to me and said, "I want to jump you, right now" looking at me with lust in his eyes. I was only 21 years old then.

"All of a sudden, he stopped the elevator, and started fondling me. It was disgusting. I tore myself from his embrace and started the elevator again. When the elevator's door opened, I fled, but I still heard him saying laughingly: once, I gonna get you!" writes Zuschlag in his book.

After Zuschlag released these new information of the Socialist crime syndicate, Jobbik filed a criminal complaint with police against the liberal-Bolshevik vampires that still polluting Hungarian public life after twenty-five years of the collapse of communism.



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