Jobbik Member of the European Parliament Béla Kovács temporarily closes his Beregszász office

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Jobbik Member of the European Parliament Béla Kovács wrote a letter to the Hungarian community in Transcarpathia informing them of the temporarily closure of his Beregszász office. This move aims to prevent agent provocateurs from targeting the the Beregszász Reformed Church and the Calvin college that located in the same building.

Dear Transcarpathians!

I would like to inform you that recently, a smear campaign has been launched against my Beregszász office that I rent from the Beregszász Reformed Church. Irresponsible political entities by taking advantage of the tense political situation in Ukraine use disinformation, false accusations and intimidation to discredit my Beregszász office, which I reject in the strongest possible terms. There are reliable information available, which indicates that the smear campaign against me and my office can be linked to the Hungarian election campaign.

Due to the tense situation in Ukraine, the uncertainties, and the political maneuvering in the media by various forces foreshadow the likelihood of a major political provocation against my office, which might jeopardize the residents of the Calvin college located in the same building; therefore, I've decided that I respect the Beregszász Reformed Church Presbytery's request and for the time being I suspend all activities in my Beregszász office.

However, I condemn those entities that instead of showing solidarity in these difficult times playing petty political games and attack our national symbols including the Székely flag.

Regardless of the situation in Ukraine, I hope I see all of you again in my Beregszász office very soon. Until, let us work together with patience and understanding and continue building a freer and a more peaceful brighter future!

Béla Kovács - Member of the European Parliament

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