Jobbik: The new Ukrainian government is illegitimate

Monday, March 3, 2014

Jobbik called on the Hungarian government to protect the Hungarian minority in Ukraine. What we are witnessing in the international arena is a major western push to create a cold war like situation in order to expand western influence further to the east.

Jobbik is concerned about the crisis in Ukraine and condemning the Atlanticists' hypocritical handling of the situation. It is undeniable that the corrupt regime of President Yanukovych and the Party of the Regions are partially responsible for what happened in Ukraine; however, without western financial and political support as well as without the western intelligence agencies' subversive activities the violent uprising couldn't have succeeded.

According to Márton Gyöngyösi, the hypocrisy of the West manifests itself in the fact that it condemns Russia that witnessed the violent protests in Ukraine from a distance for quite some time without interfering with the events.

As soon as the western backed government came to power its first move was to withdraw the country's minority language law, which foreshadows a future anti-minority, chauvinist Ukrainian government policy.

Jobbik doesn't recognize the transitional Ukrainian government as the legitimate representative of the Ukrainian people. The current situation in Ukraine is the continuation of the Orange Revolution first staged by the west in 2004; the present turmoil opened a new chapter in the geopolitical struggle between the Washington-Brussels axis and Russia.

The goal of the West after exploiting and colonizing Central and Eastern Europe is to further expand its influence to the east pointed out the Jobbik politician.

Gyöngyösi called on the international public opinion to put pressure on the interim Ukrainian leadership to stop military conscription in Transcarpathia because Ukraine is not able to guarantee the rights of national minorities, and to grant full regional autonomy to the Hungarian and Rusyn minorities in Transcarpathia.

The Jobbik politician has also called on the Hungarian government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to put national concerns ahead of the Euro-Atlantic interests.

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