Latest Updates on the Crisis in Ukraine – March 2, 2014

Sunday, March 2, 2014

As a response to Russian military moves in Crimea, Ukrainian Prime Minister Turchinov ordered a full mobilization of the Ukrainian army. As a result, Ukrainian troops stationed in the Crimean Peninsula lay down their arms en masse; all equipment including weapons and ammunition have been handed over to pro-Russian militia.

The same kind of mass resignations are happening in other parts of Ukraine, as troops refuse to carry out orders from the western-backed puppet government.

Crimea's Deputy Prime Minister announced today that Ukrainian troops remain in the region, but as civilians; all combat supplies including armored vehicles and weapons have been handed over to the people's militia.

“The majority of resigned Ukrainian armed forces dispatched to Crimea have switched to the side of local authorities and are expected to take military oath soon, Russian news agencies report” -- Russia Today.

Mobilization in the Hungarian populated region of Transcarpathia

The mobilization of Ukrainian army reservist officers has been started in Transcarpathian region reporting the Hungarian Cultural Association's (KMKSZ) Ukrainian-language website.

The news site learned that reservist officers receive phone calls from Ukrainian military headquarters ordering them to get ready and not to leave their residences until further notice.


According to sources, Ukrainian frigate Hetman Sahaidachny commanded by Vice Admiral Andrei Tarasov refused to obey the Kiev government and heading for Sevastopol to join the Russian fleet.

Western states' attempts to isolate Russia are doomed – Russian MP

Western states will not be able to achieve Russia's international isolation in the wake of the Ukrainian crisis, Head of the State Duma Committee for International Affairs, Alexei Pushkov said.

"It seems to me that all talks about the international isolation of Russia are not productive. It is impossible to isolate Russia," Pushkov told Interfax Sunday.

He stressed that there are other countries, besides those 28 states united in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

"And we have not heard that any statements were made by the overwhelming majority of countries, including the big ones – the leading countries – such as China, India and some others, over the decisions taken by Russia yesterday," Pushkov said. -- The Voice of Russia

"Mobilization ordered by Kiev is nothing more than an attempt to intimidate the Ukrainian population and Russians living in the Ukraine," says well-known Russian military expert Leonid Reshetnikov. In his opinion "Kiev will be in trouble mobilizing troops in the eastern and southern parts of the country, as for example, in the Crimea Ukrainian troops have already surrendered." In addition, the Russian military expert believes that "the Ukrainian army is very bad condition, regarding both equipment and morale except one or two small units".


Recently appointed commander of the Ukrainian Navy, Admiral Denis Berezovsky has sworn allegiance to the pro-Russian Crimean government today. Russia has consolidated its control over the Crimean peninsula, while not yet know what kind of units of the Ukrainian armed forces are still on the peninsula.

Previously news reports said that the Ukrainian warships have left the Crimea, which was denied by the Navy that head has just defected and sworn allegiance to the pro-Russian Crimean government.

The Russian Federal Migration Service reports that in the past two weeks more than 143,000 Ukrainian sought asylum in Russia. Valentina Kazakova, the head of the organization said that Ukrainians escaping from their homeland due to threats by exremists.

The Russian Federal Migration Service has promised to process the applications in the shortest time possible.

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The Globalist coup is backfiring and exposing the manipulators.

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While NATO leaders are jubilant over the Kiev coup, which they present to public opinion as a revolution, the situation is reversed in the field. Instead of government of thugs raising the stakes between Washington and Moscow, it is now up to U.S. agents to exercise power and manage the problems they have organized. Moreover the country is ruined and nobody whomsoever will succeed in bringing about a quick recovery. Russia can now defend its interests without incurring the liabilities from twenty years of earlier corruption...
...Disorders will therefore continue in Ukraine, but it will be for the hosers hosed - the United States and the European Union - to bear the weight. Besides the financial burden, how will they manage their victorious Nazi and jihadists allies? Washington’s show of force is turning into a fiasco.

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